1. Is my company protected if a slip and fall incident occurs?

2. Does my company have a written documented program that
    demonstrates a proactive approach to floor safety?

3. Are the floors in my facility in compliance with the new
    ANSI B101.1 standard?

4. Have my floors been tested by a NFSI certified walkway safety

5. Can I afford the litigation, higher insurance and bad publicity            that comes with a slip and fall incident?

Consolidated Floor Safety offers nationwide ANSI B101.1 compliance testing and our NFSI Certified Walkway Safety Auditors are trained to identify potential slip and fall hazards within your facility. We also offer a well-documented floor safety program that is designed not only to offer companies a proactive approach to floor safety but also to maintain a change in culture that is centered on the reduction of slip and fall incidents.
                          KNOW YOUR RISKS!

Consolidated Floor Safety offers an economical solution to companies who care about the safety and well being of both their customers and employees. In today's society with so many lawsuits being filed due to preventable incidents, many companies have no defense when faced with litigation due to a slip and fall occurrence. Often when such incidents occur negligence is almost always assumed because the majority of companies have no program in place to aid in the prevention of slip, trips or falls. Our unique service offers companies, from small to large, a well-documented floor safety program that is specifically designed to identify and correct potential hazards that may be present within their facility. We offer a variety of products and services that can be easily implemented into your everyday operations.
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In The News

NFSI Establishes Standards Committee

  October 3, 2006 Chicago, IL The Board of Directors of the National Floor
Safety Institute, (NFSI), has established a new Standards Committee which
will oversee the development of all present and future NFSI walkway safety
standards. This move comes in response to the recent recognition of the NFSI
as an Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) by the American National
Standards Institute (ANSI).

Company News

  Michael Fraley President of Consolidated Safety Group, Inc has been
appointed to serve along with 26 other safety professionals on the NFSI/ ANSI
B-101 Standards Committee. The inaugural ANSI Standards Committee
Meeting was held on May 2nd, 2007 in Southlake Texas.

NFSI/ANSI B-101 Update December 2009

  ANSI B101.1 standard has been approved. This standard offers guidelines for
the measurement of wet static coefficient of friction of hard floor surfaces and
is considered the first U.S. floor safety standard designed to prevent
pedestrian slips and falls. The ANSI B101.1 standard allows facility managers
and others to measure the risk of slip and fall incidents.

Consolidated Safety Group, Inc President Appointed NFSI/ANSI B101.4

  Michael Fraley has been appointed Chairman of the NFSI/ANSI B101.4 Sub
Committee. The B101.4 Standard is being created to address slip and fall
issues directly related to barefoot pedestrian traffic such as around pools,
showers, boat decks, etc.

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